David Warren began melon farming programs in 1972 and is presently farming a diversified program in the Ipala region of Guatemala.  Farming is a vital link in our vertical integration model that combines production, packing, research and development, transportation and marketing.

Since the early days of growing the November to May melon import program, we have always adapted and applied the latest advancements in farming technology to our programs. We go to great lengths during the growing process to ensure consistent quality, uniformity and reliability. This includes: germination in on-site atmosphere-controlled nurseries, laser leveled fields, underground irrigation systems, plastic bedding, maturation of cantaloupes on specially constructed trays, regular schedules of rotation until maturity and multiple daily harvests. Even with all of the advancements, we still hand pick each melon to ensure the highest quality.  

To further enable the delivery of the highest quality fruit, all of our melons undergo a rigorous quality assurance program and are hand checked four times to guarantee that they meet our highest standards. Added to this is our commitment to Primus Labs.