Company founder, Mr. David N. Warren

Our History


The history of Central American Produce began in 1972 when the company’s founder, David N. Warren began working with the U.S. Agency for International Development (“AID”) as an agricultural consultant. Prior to that time, Mr. Warren was the owner and manager of three terminal market operations located in the New England area. From 1972 to 1976, under AID auspices, Mr. Warren lived in Central America, pioneering the development of non-traditional fresh fruit and vegetable programs, emphasizing the export market. During his tenure with AID, he was instrumental in the elimination of med fly and tariff duty restraints associated with the imports of melons.

Mr. Warren introduced new crops to Guatemala during this period, including snopeas and other vegetables, as well as new melon varieties, including the “Mayan Sweet Melon” In recognition of Mr. Warren’s special work and involvement in the country of Guatemala, he was presented an award by Guatemala’s President Arzu November 2000. The award states: “Pionero incansable desde 1972 para innovar, crear, desarrollar e involucrar a miles de guatemaltecos en la actividad exportadora y en el conocimiento del mercado mundial”, which translates to: Tireless pioneer since 1972 to innovate, create, develop and involve thousands of Guatemalans in the export activity and in the knowledge of the world market.

Upon leaving AID, Mr. Warren decided to meet the challenge of producing and marketing these products by using his experience as a consultant to directly participate in production and marketing programs. As a result, Central American Produce was organized in 1976 in South Florida and its Mayan Pride Quality and  CAPCO Farms brands created shortly thereafter.

In 1978 Michael Warren joined his father with similar passion and vision, subsequently becoming involved in all areas of the business. In 2007, he became President of Central American Produce. The Company’s principal warehouse location is in Opa Locka, Florida with other locations across the U.S. including Delaware, Houston and Los Angeles.  The administrative offices are located in Pompano Beach, Florida.  

The Company receives products principally from Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico and from the domestic USA market thus meeting the demand for a continuous supply of quality produce. Starting initially with a variety of melons, the Company has diversified its product line which now includes mangos, pineapples, blueberries, green onions, radicchio, leeks, radishes and winter squash. Management is very proud of the fact that the Company has grown from two employees during its initial years of operation to its present organization. Importing just one container of melons a week during its initial years of operations, the company has seen dynamic growth and today it imports and distributes thousands of containers of diversified production annually.