For over 35 years, Central American Produce’s primary mission has been to provide our customers the highest quality products possibleon a consistent basis.  From the farm to your customer’s table, you will know your customers are getting the best tasting products picked at their peak of flavor and freshness.   

Our quality assurance programs begin with working with quality people who care about what they do.  This commitment translates to producing quality products. We hire and train our quality assurance team members to undergo the most rigorous training programs to evaluate every aspect of our products.  These evaluations begin at the farm and continue throughout the shipping and distribution cycle to ensure we are packing and distributing the best products available in the market.  

We are committed to food safety, quality assurance and employee wellness. At the core of our standards for consistent, high-quality produce is our commitment to research and development. We respect and value the environment in which we grow our products and we continue to strive to implement the newest technologies to produce the best fruits and vegetables possible with a keen vision on being good stewards of the protection of the environment.



At Central American Produce, responsiveness to our customers’ needs and wishes is the cornerstone of our mission. If you ever have a question, comment or concern, with one phone call, our marketing team can access the key decision makers, and get answers fast.

All products are sold by highly qualified staff that are in daily contact with our farms, and are knowledgeable of current product conditions and market outlook. Our convenient warehouse locations are in large regional areas. We offer “one-stop” shopping by consolidating orders and providing logistic solutions for our customers’ straight and partial loads.

From field operations to consumer marketing, we address your needs, and will take action to strengthen our relationships and to make your experience with Central American Produce the best that it can be!

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As one of the pioneers in the growing and importing of fresh fruits and vegetables, Central American Produce is family-owned and operated. A core group of family members and produce professionals control the entire operation, and has done so since the company was established in 1976.

We believe in giving back to the industry. We openly share our technical and management expertise with growers throughout Central and South America, helping to build robust farming communities, enhancing their local economies.

We feel it is our duty to preserve and protect the environment, and our commitment to our food safety program, which includes an Integrated Pest Management program and our focus on sustainable agricultural methodology, is evidence of that dedication.

We know that in order to be successful, you must have the facts and be enthusiastic. Therefore our entire staff is committed to life-long learning and everyone here, from our administrative staff to our top management is a produce professional. With no holds barred, we are passionate about what we do, and we hope that you will share in our exuberance.