community_image“One of our core values is to support the communities we do business in, both in the U.S. and offshore.”
- David Warren, Founder

Social responsibility encompasses so many parts of what we do.  But to us, it’s just doing the right thing, whether that be:

  • Providing financial support to Cruz de Villeda elementary school in Ipala, Guatemala.
  • Ensuring our farm workers in Guatemala have access to health insurance, personal savings plans, groceries and a variety of fresh foods.
  • Donating funds to community services in Ipala, Guatemla, including local traditional fairs, sporting events and town maintenance projects.
  • Setting aside a portion of our profits to support local charities in South Florida
  • Our U.S. staff taking the time on holidays to personally deliver food donations to the needy

Our goal is to truly enrich the lives of those we feed, and of those who feed us.