Choose Central American Produce as a top supplier of cantaloupes, honeydews and hybrid varieties of seedless watermelon, and you are assured consistent, hassle-free shipments of the highest quality fruit throughout the season.

Melons are cultivated in the Ipala region of Guatemala. Growing conditions are nearly perfect in these warm and sunny areas. The La Futura Farm produces extraordinary high quality melons in rich volcanic soils with a longer growing cycle and improved quality. At the height of our season, when conditions are best, we also import melons from Honduras and other countries. Complementing these regions is the melon production from the U.S. east coast arriving from June through October.

You can be confident that we will deliver a consistent supply of the highest quality melons, with excellent external appearance, at their peak of freshness and with the best possible taste throughout the season.

Central American Produce and Mayan Pride are names you can trust. For more than three decades, we have been a top supplier to major retailers, foodservice buyers and wholesalers. We leverage this experience to enhance your bottom line and to make your job easier. From the field, all the way to your shelves, you can rely on our dedication and commitment to quality, service and integrity.