Radish_siloVegetable Program

Central American Produce is proud to represent a top supplier of great tasting Green Onions, Leeks, Bunched Radishes and Radicchio which are all packed under the M & S® brand. You are assured of consistent, twice weekly arrivals all year long.

Our Green Onions are exceptional! They are individually selected and peeled by hand. They are trimmed on both ends, grouped and double banded for outstanding presentation. These Green Onions are packaged 48 bunches per case with 72 cases per pallet. They are top-iced before shipment as well as upon arrival in the United States substantially adding to their shelf life.

Gourmet chefs tell us that they get nearly double the yield from our Leeks because of their beautiful long white shanks. They are specially trimmed for superior appearance. Our Leeks are packaged 12 bunches per case with 56 cases per pallet, and are iced upon request.

Our bunched Radishes are wonderfully mild tasting and look great! They have a nice red color, are uniformly round, and have fresh, healthy green leafy tops. They are packaged 24 bunches per case. All of our Bunched Radishes are top-iced before shipment and upon arrival in the U.S.

Delicious in salads and in other recipes, our Radicchio is fresh cut, fresh trimmed, hand peeled and ready to serve. Beautiful! Our Radicchio is available in either 12 or 9 count containers.

Central American Produce is a name you can trust. For more than three decades, we’ve been a top supplier to major retailers, foodservice buyers and wholesalers. We leverage this experience to enhance your bottom line and to make your job easier. From the field, all the way to your shelves, you can rely on our dedication and commitment to quality, service and integrity.